Hand Therapist

Upper Limb Sydney May 2021


Accredited with the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) - intro/intermediate course for evaluation and treatment of neuromyofascial pain and dysfunction present in both the acute and chronic orthopedic population. This course is suitable for any 4 year degree practitioner who has a special interest in upper limb injuries.

Upper Limb Sydney May 20212021-03-16T12:12:49+11:00

Webinar: Lateral Hip Pain April 2021


Live webinar on Lateral Hip Pain, hosted by Brandon Kam Please note the recent date change to 22/04 Ideal for all practices of manual therapy Webinar Registration Fee: $25 Who struggles a bit with rehab at times? In this webinar you will learn: What is the true pathology? Who is most at risk? Why is rehab typically done poorly? How to avoid the most common treatment pitfalls 3 most important objectives Typical Imaging findings Who does well, who needs to be referred on? Once registered you will receive a confirmation email. [...]

Webinar: Lateral Hip Pain April 20212021-03-18T15:31:54+11:00
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